Wire Harnesses For Marine

Marine Wire Harnesses

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Wire harnesses play an integral role in the Marine sector and they are essential components in various types of vessels, including commercial ships, naval vessels, offshore platforms, and recreational boats.

Marine wire harnesses are critical in enabling the efficient and reliable operation of various systems and equipment onboard vessels, while also ensuring safety, compliance with regulations, and passenger comfort.

Marine Wire Harnesses

Studies in 2017 highlighted that the Marine industry is responsible for £3.12 Billion in revenue and is also accountable for employing over 33,000 people throughout the UK.

Wire harnesses are intricate networks of wires, cables, connectors and protective components that are organised into a unified system. They’re such integral parts of the Marine industry and sector. 

Wire harnesses play a critical role in the Marine sector across various applications.

Here are some ways wire harnesses are utilised:

  • Electrical power distribution
  • Control systems integration
  • Communication and networking
  • Safety systems integration
  • Monitoring systems
  • Navigation and positioning
  • And much more

Key Components of Wire Harnesses For The Marine Sector

Wires and Cables: Wires and cables transmit important signals power between components.

Connectors: Connectors do a job which their name suggests. They are the interface of the wire harness meaning you can attach and detach components easily. They come in various shapes and sizes which depend on the applications it’s to be used for.

Protective Sheathing: Protective sheathing is what covers the wiring which comes in the form of tape, braiding or heat shrink tubing. This protects the wire harness from heat, moisture, abrasion and weathering.

Circuit Protection: Fuses and relays are included as circuit protection which prevents short circuits and overloads.

Labelling and Identification: To facilitate an easier installation process, wire harnesses often utilise labels and colour-codes.

Customisation and Precision

Due to the wide variety of items that require wire harnesses in the Marine sector alone, wire harnesses are usually customised and designed to fit a certain purpose.

From on-land pieces of equipment used by Marines to integrated technology within submarines and everything in between, Customised wire harnesses can be engineered with materials and coatings that are resistant to corrosion, moisture ingress, UV radiation, and abrasion.

Precise and customised wire harnesses, manufactured by Pinnacle Harnesses, ensures longevity and reliability in harsh conditions.

The Role of Wire Harness Manufacturers

Wire harness manufacturers play a vital role in the Marine sector by supplying customised, high-quality wiring solutions that meet the stringent requirements of maritime applications.

Precision and skill must be administered to ensure the products are capable of delivering high performance within the Marine sector.

A trusted manufacturer such as Pinnacle Harnesses have advanced technology and a highly-skilled team on hand to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

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