Thinking Like
A Customer


Through our culture of “challenge and change” Pinnacle Harnesses bring positive outcomes to our customers and partners alike.
The way we enable innovative design solutions is through full engagement with our partners to gain a full understanding of their applications and technical requirements.
This is done by bringing technical and commercial experiences across sectors that allow bespoke solutions that meet the needs of our customers.



  • Low Cost Country manufacturing – with large scale partners in Asia, Pinnacle Harnesses ensure the advantages of local support with the competitiveness of Asia manufacturing
  • Global materials – access to global suppliers ensure we design best cost Supply Chains
  • Flexible Approach to ensure “Best Cost” solutions – being innovative in design and supply chain solutions ensures our customers get the best from a hybrid approach to manufacturing solutions


  • Strategic Partners in Europe with a focus on the medium volume requirements
  • Combining European supply chain with our UK and Asia Supply Chains enables us to deliver the right solution that exceeds our customers expectations
  • Lead-times – shorter lead-times enable a speedier response to customers needs
  • Stock holding and direct deliveries to designated locations reducing non-value costs and keeping the supply chains lean


  • Working on both in-house production and with partner factories we ensure the right design solution is provided
  • Lower volumes are supported with access to a wide range of tooling that enables lower volume manufacturing without the expense of tooling investment
  • Low-to-high volume capabilities across a range of sectors
  • Fast prototyping and rework support for managing the design to manufacturing lead-time challenges